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Best Long Skinny Table: Top 12 Options for Small Spaces

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Best Long Skinny Table: Top 12 Options for Small Spaces

Imagine walking into your small apartment, desperately seeking a narrow console table that will add both style and functionality to your limited space. Whether it’s to place behind your couch or as a long sofa table in your entryway, finding the perfect piece can make all the difference. You’ve scoured countless websites, searching for the perfect long sofa table solution that won’t overwhelm your narrow entryway or clutter up your living room. That’s when you stumble upon the best narrow console tables – versatile gems that fit snugly behind couches and effortlessly enhance any entryway or room.

A long console table from West Elm is the answer to your entryway interior design dreams. Visit their store for the perfect piece to elevate your space. The long sofa’s slender profile makes it an ideal choice for tight entryway spaces where traditional tables from the west elm store just won’t do. Whether you need a spot to display family photos, showcase decorative items, or simply rest your keys and wallet as you walk through the door, this sleek table from the west elm store has got you covered. It’s the perfect addition to pair with a long sofa for added style and functionality.

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Top Picks for Long Skinny Tables in Different Lengths and Widths

Looking for the best long skinny table to fit your space in our store? Our content includes a wide selection of tables that will suit your needs. Need assistance? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help. Plus, our website is designed with user-friendly features, including easy navigation and quick search options. So, you can find your perfect table with just a few clicks. And don’t worry about compatibility – our tables are built with high-quality materials and can easily support javascript integration. Visit our store today and discover the perfect long skinny table for your space. We’ve got you covered! Whether you need a table for your store that’s 36 inches or 72 inches long, or a width ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches, we have javascript options that will meet your content needs. Let’s dive into the top picks for long skinny tables in different lengths and widths to enhance your content store with stylish javascript options.

Explore Various Lengths

There are plenty of choices available. Here are some options to consider:

  • A compact 36-inch table is perfect for smaller spaces or as an accent piece. You can easily store this table in your store. The content of the table is made with high-quality materials. Additionally, the table is designed with javascript for enhanced functionality.
  • If you have a bit more room, a 48-inch table provides additional surface area without overwhelming the space. This is especially useful when working with content or incorporating javascript into your design.
  • Need something longer? A 60-inch table offers ample seating capacity and versatility.
  • For those who require even more length, a spacious 72-inch table can accommodate larger gatherings.

Choose Your Preferred Width

The width of your long skinny table is just as important as its length. Here are some widths to choose from:

  • An 8-inch wide table is sleek and minimalistic, making it ideal for narrow hallways or entryways.
  • If you want a bit more surface area, opt for a 10-inch wide table that still maintains its slender profile.
  • Looking for something with slightly more presence? Consider a 12-inch wide table that strikes the balance between style and functionality.
  • For those who desire maximum tabletop space, an expansive 16-inch wide table offers plenty of room without sacrificing its slim design.

Find Your Ideal Leg Style

To add personality and flair to your long skinny table, consider different leg styles. Some popular options include:

  • Tapered legs provide an elegant touch while maintaining stability.
  • Hairpin legs offer a modern and trendy look to a wood table or console table with their sleek metal design. They can also be used to elevate the style of a long sofa table.
  • If you prefer a rustic aesthetic, go for farmhouse-style legs that bring warmth and charm to your table.

Material Matters

Long skinny tables are available in various materials, each offering its own unique appeal. Consider the following options:

  • Wood tables exude natural beauty and can be found in a range of finishes, from light oak to rich mahogany.
  • Metal tables provide a contemporary vibe and often feature sleek lines that complement modern interiors.
  • Glass tables create an illusion of space and add an airy feel to any room.

With these top picks for long skinny tables, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your space. Whether you prefer a shorter or longer length, a narrower or wider width, tapered legs or hairpin legs, or wood, metal, or glass materials – there’s a long skinny table out there that will meet your needs while adding style and functionality to your home.

Stylish and Functional Ideas for Placing Long Skinny Tables

Create an entryway focal point by placing a table near the front door

Placing a long skinny table near the front door is not only stylish but also functional. The sofa table, also known as a console table, creates an instant focal point in your entryway, welcoming guests with its charm. You can use this console table to display decorative items or create a practical spot for organizing everyday essentials.

Here are some ideas to make the most of your entryway table:

  • Decorative Display: Arrange a collection of vibrant potted plants or elegant vases on the table, adding a touch of nature and color to your entrance.
  • Organizational Hub: Use baskets or trays on the table’s surface to hold keys, wallets, and other small items that tend to get lost easily. This way, you’ll always know where to find the console table when rushing out the door.
  • Mirror Magic: Hang a mirror above the table to create an illusion of more space while providing a convenient spot for last-minute appearance checks before leaving.

Utilize the space behind a sofa by placing a table there

The area behind your sofa often goes unused and becomes wasted space. However, adding a console table can transform this neglected space into a functional and stylish area. However, by placing a long skinny table there, you can transform it into both a functional and stylish addition to your living room.

Consider these ideas for utilizing this often overlooked space:

  • Extra Storage: Opt for a console table with drawers or shelves to maximize storage opportunities. You can keep books, magazines, or even board games neatly organized on a console table within arm’s reach.
  • Display Your Style: Showcase your favorite decor pieces such as photo frames, candles, or artwork on top of the console table. Adding a console table will add personality and visual interest to your living room.
  • Create Zones: If you have an open-concept living area, use the long skinny table as a divider between different zones. Place the console table strategically between your seating area and dining space to define each area while maintaining an open feel.

Enhance a narrow hallway with a decorative table display

Narrow hallways can often feel cramped and uninspiring. However, by incorporating a long skinny table into the space, you can transform it into a stylish and functional corridor.

Consider these ideas for enhancing your narrow hallway:

  • Artistic Flair: Hang a gallery wall above the table, featuring an array of artwork or family photos. This will add visual interest and create a focal point that draws the eye down the hallway, especially with the addition of a console table.
  • Light It Up: Place decorative lamps on either end of the table to illuminate the hallway. Not only will this console table provide much-needed lighting, but it will also create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Hidden Storage: Choose a console table with built-in storage compartments or opt for baskets underneath to keep shoes, scarves, or other items neatly tucked away.

Use a long skinny table as a stylish desk in compact home offices

Compact home offices often require creative solutions to maximize functionality without sacrificing style. A long skinny table can serve as an excellent alternative to traditional desks in these spaces.

Consider these ideas for using a long skinny table as your compact home office desk:

  • Space Optimization: Position the table against a wall to make efficient use of limited space. This allows you to have ample room for your computer setup on the console table while still leaving enough space for other office essentials.
  • Storage Solutions

How to Choose the Perfect Long Skinny Table for Your Space

There are several factors to consider. From measuring your available space to determining your storage needs and considering the overall style of your room, these tips will help you make an informed decision.

Measure your available space before selecting a table size

Before diving into the world of long skinny tables, it’s important to measure the available space in your room. Grab a tape measure and jot down the dimensions, taking note of any potential obstacles or limitations such as doors or windows. This will give you a clear idea of what size table will fit comfortably in your space.

Consider the overall style and aesthetic of your room

The perfect long skinny table should complement the existing style and aesthetic of your room. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a rustic farmhouse vibe, there are options out there to suit every taste. Consider elements such as color, material, and design when making your selection.

Determine if you prefer open shelving or drawers for storage needs

Storage is often a key consideration when choosing furniture pieces. Think about how you plan to use your long skinny table and whether you need additional storage solutions. Some tables come with open shelving that allows you to display decorative items or store frequently used items within easy reach. Others feature drawers that provide concealed storage for smaller items. Decide which option suits your needs best.

Take into account the durability and maintenance requirements of different materials

Long skinny tables can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, or glass. Each material has its own pros and cons. For example:

  • Wood: Offers warmth and natural beauty but may require periodic polishing or refinishing.
  • Metal: Provides a sleek and modern look while being durable and easy to clean.
  • Glass: Adds an elegant touch but may require more frequent cleaning to keep it looking pristine.

Consider your lifestyle and maintenance preferences when selecting the material for your table.

Tips for Decorating and Styling Long Narrow Console Tables

Long narrow console tables can be a versatile and functional addition. These sleek pieces of furniture not only provide a practical surface for displaying decorative items but also help maximize space in smaller areas. To make the most of your narrow console table, consider these tips for decorating and styling.

Add visual interest with decorative items

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of your long narrow console table, adorn it with eye-catching decorative items. Vases, candles, or artwork placed on top can instantly add visual interest and personality to the space. Opt for unique shapes, vibrant colors, or intricate designs that complement your overall decor theme. By selecting carefully curated pieces, you can create an attractive focal point that draws attention to the table.

Utilize baskets or trays for storage

Maximize the functionality of your narrow console table by incorporating storage options underneath. Baskets or trays provide convenient spaces to store everyday essentials while keeping them within easy reach. You can use these containers to organize keys, mail, or other small items that tend to clutter surfaces. Baskets and trays come in various materials and designs, allowing you to choose options that align with your style preferences.

Create an illusion of more space with mirrors

One effective technique for making a long narrow console table appear more spacious is by incorporating mirrors above it. Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of depth, giving the impression of a larger area. Choose a mirror that complements the size and shape of your table while adding elegance to the overall composition. The reflective properties will not only enhance the aesthetics but also make your room feel brighter and airier.

Experiment with heights and textures

When styling items on your long narrow console table, don’t be afraid to play around with different heights and textures. Varying heights will add dimension to the display while creating visual interest. For example, you can place a tall vase with fresh flowers next to a stack of books or a small sculpture. Incorporating items with diverse textures, such as a woven basket or a metallic figurine, will introduce tactile appeal and make the arrangement more visually captivating.

Where to Buy the Best Long Skinny Tables Online

If you’re in the market for a long skinny table, there are plenty of options available online. From popular retailers to specialty furniture stores, you can find the perfect table to suit your style and needs. Here are some places where you can buy the best long skinny tables online:

Explore popular online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock

Popular online retailers like Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock have got you covered. These platforms offer a wide range of long skinny tables from various brands and sellers. You can easily browse through their extensive catalogs, compare prices, read customer reviews, and even take advantage of special deals or discounts.

  • Amazon: With its vast selection of products, including furniture items, Amazon is a go-to destination for many shoppers. You can find long skinny tables in different styles, materials, and price ranges on this platform. Plus, with their fast shipping options and reliable customer service, buying from Amazon is often a hassle-free experience.
  • Wayfair: Known for its trendy home decor offerings, Wayfair is another great option when searching for long skinny tables online. They have a dedicated section for console tables where you can filter by size and style preferences. Whether you’re looking for a rustic wooden table or a sleek modern design, Wayfair has something to suit every taste.
  • Overstock: If you’re after affordable yet stylish long skinny tables, Overstock should be on your radar. This online retailer offers competitive prices on furniture items while maintaining quality standards. Their user-friendly website allows you to easily search for specific dimensions or styles that match your requirements.

Check out specialty furniture stores that offer unique designs

For those seeking more unique designs or artisanal craftsmanship in their long skinny table purchase journey, specialty furniture stores are worth exploring. These stores often curate collections from independent designers or small-scale manufacturers, giving you access to one-of-a-kind pieces that can add a touch of personality to your space.

  • West Elm: Known for its modern and contemporary furniture, West Elm is a great destination for finding long skinny tables with a stylish edge. They collaborate with various designers to offer unique designs that are both functional and visually appealing. From sleek metal frames to elegant marble tops, their selection is sure to impress.
  • Anthropologie: If you’re looking for a long skinny table that doubles as a statement piece, Anthropologie is the place to go. This store specializes in bohemian-inspired furniture and home decor items. You’ll find an array of tables with intricate details, vibrant colors, and unconventional shapes that can transform any room into an artistic haven.

Browse through websites dedicated to handmade or custom-made furniture

If you have specific requirements or prefer a more personalized touch, browsing through websites dedicated to handmade or custom-made furniture is an excellent option. These platforms connect you directly with artisans or craftsmen who can create a long skinny table tailored precisely to your specifications.

  • Etsy: As the go-to marketplace for all things handmade and vintage, Etsy offers a wide range of long skinny tables crafted by independent artisans. You can explore different styles, materials, and finishes while supporting small businesses around the world. Many sellers on Etsy also provide customization options, allowing you to create a truly unique piece for your home.

Pros and Cons of Using Long Skinny Tables Behind Sofas

Additional Surface Area for Lamps, Books, or Decor

One of the main advantages of using a long skinny table behind a sofa is the additional surface area it provides. This extra space can be utilized to showcase decorative items such as vases, picture frames, or sculptures. Moreover, with a long skinny table in place, you can conveniently keep your favorite books within arm’s reach while lounging on the sofa. If you enjoy reading or working in your living room, this table can serve as a perfect spot to place a lamp for task lighting.

Limitations on Access to Electrical Outlets

However, it’s important to consider that placing a long skinny table too far from the wall may limit access to electrical outlets. If you rely on these outlets for charging your devices or powering other electronic gadgets like laptops or speakers, you might find it inconvenient to have them out of reach. To overcome this limitation, ensure that the placement of your long skinny table allows easy access to nearby electrical sockets.

Acting as a Room Divider in Open-Concept Spaces

Another positive aspect of incorporating a long skinny table behind your sofa is its potential role as a room divider in open-concept spaces. For instance, if you have an open floor plan where your living room seamlessly connects with the dining area or kitchen, positioning a long skinny table between the sofa and dining space can create visual separation without obstructing the flow of natural light. This setup not only adds functionality but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your living area.

Consideration of Table Height to Complement Sofa

On the flip side, one must give careful thought to choosing an appropriate height for the long skinny table so that it complements the sofa. The ideal height will depend on various factors like the height of your sofa’s backrest and cushions. A mismatched height between these two elements can result in an awkward visual appearance and compromise the overall harmony of your living room. Therefore, it is crucial to measure and select a long skinny table that aligns well with the height of your sofa.

Enhance Your Space with the Best Long Skinny Table

Now that you have explored the top picks for long skinny tables, learned about stylish placement ideas, discovered how to choose the perfect table for your space, and gained insights into decorating and styling tips, it’s time to take action and transform your home. Adding a long skinny table can instantly elevate your space, providing both style and functionality. Whether you need extra storage in a narrow hallway or want to create a focal point behind your sofa, these tables offer endless possibilities.

To find the best long skinny table for your needs, consider the dimensions of your space and the specific features you desire. Measure carefully to ensure a perfect fit and browse online retailers that offer a wide selection of options. Don’t forget to read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of the quality and durability of each table.

So go ahead, enhance your space with a stunning long skinny table that will not only serve as a practical addition but also become a stylish statement piece in your home.


Can I use a long skinny table as a desk?

Yes! A long skinny table can be an excellent option for creating a functional workspace. Just make sure it has enough surface area for your needs and is at an appropriate height for comfortable working.

How do I prevent my long skinny table from tipping over?

To prevent tipping accidents, ensure that your long skinny table is stable by placing it on even ground. If needed, use furniture straps or brackets to secure it against the wall for added stability.

Can I customize the color or finish of my long skinny table?

Many retailers offer customization options where you can choose from various colors or finishes to match your existing decor. Check with the retailer or manufacturer to see if this option is available.

What materials are commonly used in long skinny tables?

Long skinny tables can be made from various materials such as wood, metal, glass, or a combination of these. Each material offers its own unique aesthetic and durability, so choose one that suits your style and needs.

How do I clean and maintain my long skinny table?

The cleaning and maintenance of your long skinny table will depend on the material it is made from. Generally, wiping it down with a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution should suffice. Avoid using abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care guidelines.

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