Best Plus Size Knit Blazer

Best Plus Size Knit Blazers: Effortlessly Chic Style Picks

Best Plus Size Knit Blazers: Effortlessly Chic Style Picks

Have you ever struggled to find the perfect size blazers that not only fit your curves but also make you look stylish and confident? Finding the right jacket can be a challenge, but with the help of a tailor, you can get a blazer that is tailored to your body shape. Tailored blazers are designed to fit you perfectly and enhance your style. Don’t settle for ill-fitting blazers, get one that is made just for you and wear it with confidence. Plus-size fashion has revolutionized the way curvy women wear clothes, offering a wide range of trendy and flattering outfit options. Tailor-made for their needs, these stylish choices are empowering. In particular, plus-size knit blazers have become a popular jacket choice for those seeking both comfort and style in their outfit. Whether you wear it to work or shop for one online, these blazers are a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Gone are the days when finding fashionable plus-size outfits made of quality fabric was a challenge. Now, it’s easier than ever to shop for a trendy jacket that fits your style and size. With an increasing demand for inclusive sizing, designers have stepped up their game to provide stunning jacket blazers in various styles, colors, and fabrics, perfect for any outfit. These blazers are meticulously designed to enhance your curves while providing a polished and professional look.

Whether you prefer classic cuts or want to experiment with trendy designs, there is a plus-size knit blazer out there that will meet your needs. From boardroom meetings to casual outings with friends, these size blazers offer confidence and style for every occasion.

How to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Blazer

There are a few key factors to consider. From selecting the right size blazers for your body shape to paying attention to important details, these tips will help you find a blazer that not only looks great but also makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Consider Your Body Shape

The first step in finding the best plus-size knit blazer is to consider your body shape. Different styles and cuts of blazers can flatter different body types, so it’s important to choose one that highlights your best features. Here are some suggestions based on common body shapes:

  1. Hourglass: If you have an hourglass figure with well-defined curves, opt for blazers that cinch at the waist or have a tailored silhouette. This will accentuate the size of your waistline and create an overall balanced look for blazers.
  2. Apple: For those with an apple-shaped body, focus on blazers with open necklines and longer lengths that elongate the torso. A single-button closure or wrap style can also help create a more defined waistline, especially when wearing blazers in different sizes.
  3. Pear: If you have a pear-shaped body with wider hips and thighs, choose blazers that skim over the lower half of your body while highlighting your upper half. Look for blazers in different sizes with structured shoulders or interesting details around the neckline.
  4. Rectangle: For those with a straight or rectangular body shape, experiment with different silhouettes to add definition and curves, including blazers of various sizes. Blazers with peplum details or belted options can create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Look for Comfortable Features

In addition to considering your body shape, it’s essential to prioritize comfort when choosing a plus-size knit blazer. Look for features like stretch fabric or adjustable elements in blazers that offer flexibility and ease of movement for all sizes throughout the day. This ensures that you not only look good but also feel comfortable in your blazers of any size. Some options to consider include:

  • Blazers with stretchy materials like ponte knit or spandex blends.
  • Styles with adjustable waistbands or tie belts for a customizable fit.
  • Blazer designs that incorporate stretch panels in the back or under the arms.

Pay Attention to Details

Details can make all the difference. Pay attention to lapels, buttons, and pockets as they can enhance or detract from your overall look. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Lapels: Choose lapel styles that suit your personal style and body shape. Wide lapels can add structure and balance, while narrower lapels create a sleeker look.
  • Buttons: Consider the placement and size of buttons on your blazer. Strategically placed buttons can create flattering lines and highlight your curves.
  • Pockets: Decide whether you prefer blazers with functional pockets or without any at all. Keep in mind that pockets can draw attention to areas you might want to minimize.

Top Brands for Plus Size Blazers

City Chic, Vince Camuto, Nine West, Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer, and Torrid Studio are some of the top brands that offer a wide range of stylish and sophisticated plus size blazers. Whether you need a professional blazer for work or want to add a touch of elegance to your outfit, these brands have got you covered.

City Chic

City Chic is known for its inclusive sizing and trendy designs. They understand that curvy women deserve fashionable clothing options, including blazers. City Chic’s collection features an extensive selection of plus size blazers that combine style and sophistication. From classic black blazers to bold prints and vibrant colors, they offer options for every occasion.

Vince Camuto and Nine West

Vince Camuto and Nine West are renowned brands in the fashion industry known for their high-quality products. They also cater to the needs of plus size women by offering stylish blazers that follow modern trends. These brands understand the importance of well-fitting clothing for curvy figures without compromising on style. With their attention to detail and impeccable tailoring, Vince Camuto and Nine West provide plus size women with fashionable blazers that make a statement.

Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer

Eloquii is a brand dedicated to creating stylish clothing specifically tailored for curvy figures. Their Premier Bistretch Work Blazer stands out as an elegant option for plus size women seeking professional attire. This blazer is designed with attention to detail, ensuring it fits perfectly on curves while providing comfort throughout the day. The Premier Bistretch Work Blazer from Eloquii is versatile enough to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Torrid Studio

Torrid Studio specializes in catering to the fashion needs of plus size individuals. They offer double-breasted stretch blazers that not only provide a chic look but also prioritize comfort. These blazers are designed to flatter curvy figures while offering a stylish and professional appearance. Torrid Studio’s collection of plus size blazers is perfect for those who want to make a bold fashion statement.

City Chic: Your Go-To for Professional Plus Size Blazers

City Chic is the ultimate destination for women seeking the best plus size knit blazers to elevate their professional wardrobe. With an extensive collection of stylish and sophisticated options, this brand caters specifically to curvier figures, offering inclusive sizing combined with contemporary designs that exude confidence and style.

City Chic has you covered. Their attention to detail ensures that each piece is tailored perfectly to flatter curvier figures without compromising on comfort or quality. Whether you’re heading into the office or attending a business meeting, City Chic offers a range of options that are both professional and fashionable.

One of the standout features of City Chic’s plus size blazers is their commitment to inclusive sizing. They understand that every woman deserves access to well-fitting and stylish clothing, regardless of her body shape or size. With a wide range of sizes available, from 14W to 24W, City Chic ensures that no one is left out.

Not only does City Chic offer inclusive sizing, but they also prioritize contemporary designs that keep up with current fashion trends. Their collection includes various styles such as single-button blazers, double-breasted blazers, and longline blazers. Each design is carefully crafted to provide a flattering fit while incorporating modern elements that add flair and sophistication.

City Chic’s commitment to quality extends beyond just design and sizing. They understand the importance of using high-quality materials in their garments, ensuring durability and longevity. The plus size knit blazers offered by City Chic are made from premium fabrics that provide both comfort and style throughout your workday.

Shopping at City Chic is not just about finding the best plus size knit blazer; it’s also about embracing your individuality and expressing yourself through fashion. Their collection allows you to explore different colors, patterns, and textures, giving you the freedom to choose a blazer that resonates with your personal style.

In addition to their extensive collection, City Chic provides a seamless shopping experience. Their website is user-friendly, making it easy to browse through their range of plus size blazers and find the perfect one for you. With detailed product descriptions and sizing information, you can make an informed decision before adding your chosen blazer to the cart.

To sum it up,City Chic is the go-to brand for women who want stylish options that cater specifically to their curves. With inclusive sizing, contemporary designs, attention to detail, and high-quality materials, City Chic ensures that every woman feels confident and empowered in her workplace attire. Shop at City Chic today and elevate your professional wardrobe with their best plus size knit blazers!

Vince Camuto and Nine West: Stylish Plus Size Blazers

Vince Camuto and Nine West are two renowned brands that have gained recognition for their stylish plus size blazers, catering to the fashion needs of curvy women. These brands understand the importance of inclusivity in fashion and offer a wide range of options that embrace the latest trends while flattering different body types.

Both Vince Camuto and Nine West excel in providing choices that suit various styles and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a classic cut or a more modern and edgy design, these brands have got you covered. Let’s dive into what makes their offerings stand out.

Embracing Fashion Trends

Vince Camuto and Nine West stay at the forefront of fashion by incorporating the latest trends into their plus size blazer collections. They understand that style knows no size boundaries, so they ensure that curvy women can enjoy the same fashionable options as anyone else.

From vibrant colors to bold prints, these brands offer an array of choices that allow individuals to express their unique personalities through their clothing. Whether you prefer a timeless black blazer or want to make a statement with patterns like houndstooth or floral prints, you’ll find something that suits your taste.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Both Vince Camuto and Nine West prioritize quality materials and craftsmanship when creating their plus size blazers. They understand that durability is just as important as style. By using premium fabrics such as wool blends, cotton blends, or polyester blends, they ensure that their blazers not only look great but also stand the test of time.

The attention to detail in crafting these garments is evident in every stitch. The well-constructed seams provide a flattering fit while allowing for comfortable movement throughout the day. Thoughtful design elements like functional pockets add practicality without compromising on style.

Options Galore

Vince Camuto and Nine West offer an extensive range of options to cater to different body shapes and personal preferences. Here are some examples:

  • Classic cuts: If you prefer a timeless look, both brands offer blazers with classic silhouettes that never go out of style. These versatile pieces can be dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions.
  • Modern designs: For those seeking a contemporary twist, Vince Camuto and Nine West have blazers featuring unique details like asymmetrical hemlines, ruffled sleeves, or embellishments. These modern designs add a touch of flair to your outfit.
  • Versatile colors: Whether you gravitate towards neutral tones or vibrant hues, these brands provide a wide spectrum of color options. From elegant blacks and grays to bold reds and blues, there’s something to suit every taste.

Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer: Elegance in Every Curve

Eloquii, a brand dedicated to empowering curvy women, has created the perfect blazer for those looking for elegance that embraces their curves. The Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer is thoughtfully designed to provide both style and comfort, making it a staple piece in any wardrobe.

Tailored with precision, this blazer flatters the figure by accentuating the waist while offering a comfortable fit. The fabric used is a high-quality ponte blend that provides just the right amount of stretch. This ensures that the blazer moves with your body, allowing you to navigate your day with ease.

One of the standout features of this blazer is its attention to detail. Eloquii understands that every element matters. The structured shoulders add an air of sophistication, while the notched lapels give a nod to classic tailoring. Functional pockets add practicality without compromising style.

The versatility of the Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer is truly remarkable. It effortlessly transitions from office attire to evening wear, making it an essential piece for any busy professional or fashion-forward individual. Pair it with tailored pants or a skirt for business meetings, and then switch it up with jeans or a dress for after-work socializing.

Comfort is key. Eloquii understands this and has carefully crafted this blazer with your needs in mind. The sleeves are designed to provide ample room for movement without feeling restrictive or tight on your arms. You can confidently tackle your daily tasks without worrying about feeling constricted in your clothes.

Not only does this blazer offer exceptional fit and comfort, but its interior lining adds another layer of luxury. The lining ensures that the blazer glides smoothly over other garments and helps maintain its shape throughout the day. Eloquii’s commitment to quality is evident in every stitch and detail of this blazer.

The Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer is a true game-changer for curvy women in the business world. It breaks down barriers and proves that style knows no size. With its impeccable fit, attention to detail, and versatility, this blazer is a must-have for all business babes looking to make a statement.

Torrid Studio: Double Breasted Stretch Blazers for a Chic Look

Torrid Studio specializes in creating double-breasted stretch blazers that not only provide a chic look but also prioritize comfort. With their inclusive sizing options and trendy designs, this brand caters to individuals of all sizes who want to look stylish and feel confident on various occasions.

Finding the perfect blazer can be a challenge. Many blazers are designed without considering the unique needs of curvier bodies. However, Torrid Studio understands the importance of creating garments that flatter and embrace every curve. Their double-breasted stretch blazers are tailored specifically for plus-size figures, ensuring an impeccable fit that accentuates your best features.

One of the standout features of Torrid Studio’s double-breasted blazers is their use of stretchy fabrics. These fabrics allow for freedom of movement without compromising on style or fit. Whether you’re attending a business meeting or going out for a night on the town, you can count on these blazers to keep you comfortable throughout the day or evening.

In addition to their emphasis on comfort, Torrid Studio excels in providing fashionable options suitable for any occasion. Their collection includes versatile designs that can effortlessly transition from professional settings to more casual events. From classic solid colors to bold patterns and prints, there’s something for everyone’s taste and personal style.

To further cater to diverse preferences, Torrid Studio offers an array of sizing options. They understand that not all bodies are created equal, which is why they ensure their blazers are available in various sizes ranging from 10 to 30. This commitment to inclusivity allows individuals with different body types to find their perfect fit and enjoy the confidence that comes with wearing a well-fitting garment.

The possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas:

  • Pair your blazer with a crisp white shirt, tailored trousers, and heels for a polished office look.
  • Dress it down by wearing it over a graphic tee, jeans, and sneakers for a trendy and casual ensemble.
  • Add a touch of elegance to your evening attire by layering the blazer over a little black dress and accessorizing with statement jewelry.

Torrid Studio’s double-breasted stretch blazers are not only fashion-forward but also designed to empower individuals of all sizes. By combining style, comfort, and inclusivity, this brand has become a go-to destination for those seeking the best plus-size knit blazers. Upgrade your wardrobe today with these chic and versatile pieces that will make you feel confident and fabulous wherever you go.

J.Crew and Torrid Studio: Classic and Sophisticated Blazers

J.Crew and Torrid Studio are two brands that excel in providing plus-size women with classic and sophisticated blazers. These brands understand the importance of timeless styles and offer a wide range of options to cater to different tastes and occasions.

J.Crew: Timeless Styles

J.Crew is a name that stands out. Their plus-size blazers are no exception, as they embody the brand’s commitment to quality and elegance. J.Crew offers a variety of styles, from tailored single-breasted blazers to more relaxed double-breasted options, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The attention to detail in J.Crew’s blazers is remarkable. They use high-quality materials such as wool blends and premium cottons, making their blazers not only stylish but also durable. The craftsmanship is evident in every stitch, ensuring that these blazers stand the test of time.

Torrid Studio: Modern Twists

Torrid Studio is another brand that understands the need for sophisticated plus-size blazers with modern twists. Their collection combines classic designs with contemporary elements, creating unique pieces that make a statement.

One of the standout features of Torrid Studio’s blazers is their attention to fit. They prioritize flattering silhouettes that enhance curves while providing comfort. Whether you prefer a tailored or relaxed fit, Torrid Studio offers options for all body types.

In addition to fit, Torrid Studio also offers a diverse range of colors and patterns. From traditional neutrals like black and navy to bold prints like florals or plaids, there is a blazer for every occasion in their collection. This versatility allows you to easily dress up any outfit – whether it’s pairing the blazer with jeans for a casual look or wearing it over a dress for a more formal event.

Nordstrom: A Trusted Retailer

Both J.Crew and Torrid Studio are available at Nordstrom, a trusted retailer known for its wide selection of fashion-forward brands. Nordstrom offers the convenience of online shopping, making it easy to explore and compare different blazer options from these two brands.

When considering the best plus-size knit blazer for your wardrobe, Nordstrom provides a platform that allows you to browse through various styles, colors, and sizes. You can read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of the quality and fit before making your purchase.

The Best Plus-Size Knit Blazer for Your Style

Now that you have a better understanding of how to find the perfect plus-size blazer and the top brands to consider, it’s time to choose the best one for your style. Whether you’re looking for professional elegance or a chic and sophisticated look, there are plenty of options available. City Chic offers a range of professional plus-size blazers that are both stylish and comfortable. Vince Camuto and Nine West provide trendy options that will make you feel confident and fashionable. If you prefer a more tailored and elegant blazer, Eloquii Premier Bistretch Work Blazer is the perfect choice. For a chic look with a touch of flair, Torrid Studio offers double-breasted stretch blazers that will elevate any outfit. And if you’re after classic sophistication, J.Crew and Torrid Studio have got you covered.

Now it’s time to take action! Choose the plus-size knit blazer that suits your style best and rock it with confidence. Remember, fashion is all about expressing yourself, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles until you find the one that makes you feel fabulous. Upgrade your wardrobe today and step out in style!


Can I wear a plus-size knit blazer casually?

Absolutely! A plus-size knit blazer can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Pair it with jeans or leggings for a casual yet polished look. You can also layer it over a dress or skirt for a more formal ensemble.

How do I determine my size when shopping online?

When shopping online for a plus-size knit blazer, refer to the brand’s size chart for accurate measurements. Take your bust, waist, and hip measurements using a tape measure and compare them to the provided size chart to ensure the perfect fit.

Are there any specific care instructions for knit blazers?

Knit blazers typically require gentle care. Check the garment’s care label for specific instructions, but generally, it is recommended to hand wash or machine wash on a delicate cycle with cold water. Avoid using harsh detergents and opt for air drying instead of tumble drying.

Can I wear a plus-size knit blazer in warmer weather?

Yes, you can! Look for lightweight knit blazers made from breathable fabrics such as cotton or linen blends. These materials will keep you comfortable and stylish even in warmer temperatures.

How can I style a plus-size knit blazer for a night out?

For a night out, pair your plus-size knit blazer with a sleek blouse or camisole and dress pants or a skirt. Add some statement accessories like bold jewelry or a clutch to elevate your look. Don’t forget to rock your favorite heels for added confidence!

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