Best Plus Size Wedding Dresses to Hide Stomach – Expert Tips

Best Plus Size Wedding Dresses to Hide Stomach – Expert Tips

Have you ever wondered how to find the best plus-size bridal gown with a tulle skirt that will beautifully camouflage your big belly? Consider using spanx for extra support. As a plus-size bride, finding flattering bridal gowns can be a top priority.

The tulle skirt and corset of the dress should fit perfectly. But fret not! We’re here to address common body concerns when it comes to bridal gowns and offer you solutions that will make you feel like a true queen walking down the aisle. Whether it’s finding the perfect fit or choosing between tulle and organza, we’ve got you covered.

Finding the perfect strapless wedding gown is all about accentuating your best features and minimizing any areas of self-consciousness. The tulle bodice adds a touch of elegance to your overall look.

The variety of options available for hiding the belly area is vast, ensuring that every bride can find her dream gown, whether it’s a strapless dress or a gown with a flattering bodice. From strategically placed ruching to cleverly designed corsets, there are countless gown styles with flattering bodice details that will effortlessly flatter your belly.

When you slip into that strapless tulle gown, with its perfectly tailored bodice and stunning back detail, you’ll experience an instant boost of confidence that will make your belly feel beautiful. You deserve to feel beautiful and comfortable in your wedding gowns, regardless of size or shape.

The back details of the gowns can enhance your overall look. So let’s dive in and explore the details of stunning plus-size wedding dresses that will make you look and feel absolutely breathtaking. Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Tips for Choosing a Flattering Wedding Dress

Every bride wants to feel confident and beautiful on her special day. From the moment she walks down the aisle to the moment she turns her back to the guests, every detail matters in creating that perfect look.

If you’re a plus-size bride looking for the best wedding dress to hide your stomach, there are a few key tips that can help you find the perfect fit and style. Pay attention to the details and consider dresses with flattering cuts in the back. Let’s dive into some top tips for choosing a flattering wedding dress with all the details.

Understanding your Body Shape

Before you start shopping for your dream wedding gown, take some time to understand the details of your body shape and identify the areas you want to conceal. Every body is unique, and finding a dress that flatters your figure starts with understanding what works best for you. Consider these body shapes:

  1. Apple Shape: If you carry most of your weight around your midsection, look for dresses that cinch at the waist and flow away from the stomach area.
  2. Pear Shape: For brides with wider hips or thighs, A-line or ball gown silhouettes can help balance out proportions while concealing the stomach.
  3. Hourglass Shape: Emphasize your curves with fitted bodices and mermaid or trumpet silhouettes that hug in all the right places.

Neckline, Sleeve Length, and Waistline Options

The neckline, sleeve length, and waistline of a wedding dress play an important role in how it flatters your figure. Here are some options to consider:

  • Necklines: V-necklines create an elongating effect while drawing attention upwards towards the face. Sweetheart necklines accentuate curves while offering support.
  • Sleeve Lengths: Cap sleeves or three-quarter length sleeves provide coverage without adding bulkiness to the arms. Off-the-shoulder styles draw attention away from the stomach area.
  • Waistlines: Empire waistlines sit just below the bustline, creating a high-waisted look that skims over any problem areas. A dropped waistline can also be flattering, elongating the torso.

Fabric Choices for Structure and Support

When choosing a wedding dress to hide your stomach, consider fabric choices that provide structure and support. Look for fabrics that offer a bit of stretch while still providing shape and control. Some options to consider include:

  • Mikado: This luxurious fabric has a slight sheen and is known for its structural properties, giving you a smooth silhouette.
  • Satin: Satin is another great option as it drapes beautifully and offers some stretch, allowing for comfort while providing support.
  • Lace: Lace overlays can add texture and dimension to the dress while offering coverage in strategic areas.

Seeking Professional Advice

While it’s important to have an idea of what you want in a wedding gown, seeking professional advice from bridal consultants or stylists can make all the difference. These experts have extensive knowledge about different body types and can guide you towards styles that will flatter your figure.

Don’t hesitate to ask for their recommendations or try on dresses they suggest – they may surprise you with options you hadn’t considered before.

Finding the best plus-size wedding dress to hide your stomach involves understanding your body shape, considering neckline, sleeve length, and waistline options that flatter your figure, selecting fabrics that provide structure and support, as well as seeking professional advice.

Flattering Dress Styles: Empire and A-line Dresses

Plus-size brides often look for styles that flatter their figure and help them feel confident on their special day. Two popular dress styles that are particularly flattering for hiding stomach areas are empire dresses and A-line dresses. Let’s take a closer look at these elegant options and explore other styles that can also be flattering for plus-size brides.

Empire Dresses: Cinching Below the Bust

Empire dresses feature a high waistline just below the bust, creating a beautiful flowing silhouette that draws attention away from the stomach area. This style is perfect for plus-size brides who want to accentuate their bust while minimizing focus on their midsection. The empire waistline creates an elongated torso, giving an illusion of height and elegance.

With its fitted bodice and loose-fitting skirt, an empire dress drapes gracefully over curves without clinging to any problem areas. The flowy fabric cascades down from the bust, skimming over the stomach in a way that is both stylish and forgiving. Whether it’s a romantic lace gown or a dreamy tulle skirt, empire dresses offer versatility in terms of fabrics and designs.

A-line Dresses: Creating an Elongated Silhouette

Another fantastic option for plus-size brides looking to hide their stomach area is the classic A-line dress. This timeless style features a fitted bodice that gradually flares out into an A-shaped skirt, resembling the letter “A.” The beauty of an A-line dress lies in its ability to create an elongated silhouette while camouflaging any concerns around the midsection.

The structure of an A-line dress helps balance proportions by cinching at the waistline before gently gliding over the hips and stomach area. This design not only provides comfort but also adds gracefulness to every step down the aisle. From princess-style ballgowns with voluminous skirts to sleek sheath dresses that offer a more streamlined look, A-line dresses come in various styles to suit different preferences.

Other Flattering Dress Styles

While empire and A-line dresses are excellent choices for plus-size brides, it’s worth mentioning other styles that can also be flattering. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Ballgown: With its fitted bodice and full skirt, this style accentuates the waistline while providing coverage for the stomach area.
  • Sheath: This sleek and form-fitting dress style skims over curves without adding extra volume, creating a slimming effect.
  • Mermaid: This silhouette hugs the body from the bust to the knees before flaring out into a dramatic skirt, highlighting curves while offering support around the midsection.

Remember, finding the perfect wedding dress is all about feeling confident and comfortable on your big day. Whether you choose an empire dress or an A-line gown, embrace your unique beauty and celebrate your love as you walk down the aisle in style!

Concealing Belly Fat with Bridal Belts

Many plus-size brides may feel self-conscious about their bellies. However, with the right styling techniques, you can accentuate your best features and feel confident on your special day.

One effective way to conceal belly fat is by incorporating bridal belts into your ensemble. These wide belts not only define the waistline but also draw attention away from the stomach, allowing you to showcase your beautiful curves effortlessly.

Choosing the Right Belt Style

To complement various dress designs and achieve a flattering look, consider different belt styles that suit your personal taste and wedding theme. Here are some popular options:

  1. Beaded Belts: Embellished with intricate beadwork, these belts add a touch of glamour to any wedding gown while diverting attention from the midsection.
  2. Satin Belts: Smooth and luxurious, satin belts provide an elegant finishing touch to your bridal ensemble. Opt for a wider width to create a visually appealing contrast against the dress fabric.
  3. Floral Appliqué Belts: If you prefer a more romantic vibe, floral appliqué belts can be an excellent choice. Delicate flowers or leaves adorning the belt will distract from any concerns about belly fat.

Proper Placement for Desired Results

Achieving optimal results with bridal belts relies on proper placement around your waistline. Consider these tips when determining where to position the belt:

  1. Above Natural Waist: Placing the belt slightly above your natural waistline draws attention upwards towards your bust and shoulders, creating an hourglass silhouette that minimizes focus on the belly area.
  2. Below Natural Waist: Alternatively, positioning the belt below your natural waist can help define this area further while still drawing attention away from any concerns about belly fat.

Remember that everyone’s body shape is unique, so take time to experiment with different placements until you find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to consult with a professional stylist who can provide expert guidance tailored to your specific needs.

By incorporating bridal belts into your wedding attire, you can confidently walk down the aisle knowing that your beautiful curves are accentuated while any concerns about belly fat are cleverly concealed. Experiment with different belt styles and placements to find the perfect combination that flatters your figure and ensures you feel like the radiant bride you truly are.

Enhancing Your Shape with Shapewear and Proper Underwear

Shapewear has become a game-changer for brides looking to enhance their shape and feel confident on their wedding day. Whether you’re a plus-size bride or not, shapewear can work wonders in smoothing out any lumps or bumps around the midsection, creating a more streamlined look under your wedding dress.

There are several options that are particularly suitable for plus-size brides. High-waisted briefs are a popular choice as they provide coverage and support for the stomach area while also giving a flattering lift to the buttocks. Another option is a bodysuit that extends from the bust down to the thighs, providing full-body shaping and ensuring that every inch of your silhouette looks flawless.

In addition to shapewear, proper underwear plays an equally important role in enhancing your shape. Well-fitting bras contribute not only to your overall body shape but also to your posture. A bra that offers excellent support will help lift your breasts and create a more defined waistline.

To make sure you find the best underwear and shapewear options for your needs, consider these tips:

  1. Size Matters: Always choose underwear and shapewear in the correct size. Ill-fitting undergarments can create bulges or cause discomfort, defeating their purpose altogether.
  2. Focus on Body Details: Look for shapewear that targets specific areas of concern such as tummy control or waist cinching. This way, you can customize your undergarments to address any problem areas effectively.
  3. Train Your Waist: If you desire an hourglass figure, consider using waist trainers or corsets in conjunction with shapewear. These garments can help sculpt your waistline over time by gradually cinching it in.
  4. Don’t Forget About Comfort: While it’s essential to prioritize the shaping effect, don’t compromise on comfort. Look for shapewear made from breathable materials that allow for easy movement and won’t leave you feeling restricted or uncomfortable throughout your special day.

As a plus-size bride, it’s important to remember that everyone’s body is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. Experiment with different styles of shapewear and underwear to find the ones that make you feel confident and comfortable.

Fabrics and Designs that Camouflage the Stomach Area

Every bride wants to feel confident and beautiful on her special day. For plus-size brides, finding a gown that flatters their figure and hides any insecurities can be a top priority. If you’re looking for the best plus size wedding dresses to hide stomach areas, consider these fabrics and designs that can help create a more forgiving silhouette.

1. Fabrics that drape over the stomach area:

Certain fabrics are excellent for camouflaging tummy bulges by draping elegantly over the midsection. Opting for materials like chiffon, organza, or tulle can create a flowing effect that minimizes attention on the stomach while adding an ethereal touch to your overall look. These lightweight fabrics have a natural ability to skim over problem areas without clinging too tightly.

2. Dress designs with ruching, pleating, or strategic patterns:

Ruching and pleating are design techniques that work wonders in concealing belly fat. These details add texture and dimension to the bodice of the dress while cleverly hiding any unwanted curves around the midsection. Look for gowns with ruched bodices or pleated skirts as they draw attention away from your stomach area.

Another option is dresses with strategic patterns or appliqué embroidery placed strategically on the bodice or skirt. These eye-catching elements divert attention from your tummy while adding visual interest to your gown.

3. Avoid clingy materials:

While some fabrics drape beautifully over the stomach area, others may accentuate problem areas by clinging too tightly. To avoid drawing unnecessary attention to your midsection, steer clear of clingy materials such as jersey or satin.

Instead, opt for fabrics with more structure that provide support without hugging your curves too closely. A-line silhouettes made from stiffer materials like satin or Mikado can help create a smooth and flattering shape. These fabrics offer structure while still allowing for comfortable movement.

Distraction Techniques: Accessories and Necklines

There are various ways you can divert attention from this area and highlight other beautiful features. By strategically using accessories and choosing the right neckline, you can create a focal point elsewhere, making you feel confident and stunning on your big day.

Statement Accessories Steal the Show

Accessories play a crucial role in any outfit, including wedding dresses. They have the power to draw attention away from certain parts of your body and shift focus to other areas that you want to highlight.Statement accessories can be your secret weapon.

Consider adding a belt with intricate details or eye-catching jewelry that sparkles and shines. These bold pieces not only add glamour but also help divert attention from your midsection. A well-placed belt cinched at the waistline can create an hourglass silhouette while drawing eyes upward towards your face.

Another way to distract from your stomach is by incorporating beading or embroidery into the design of your dress. These embellishments capture attention and add visual interest, making them perfect for creating a captivating look that takes focus away from any insecurities you may have about your midsection.

Necklines That Flatter Your Figure

Choosing the right neckline is essential. Opting for necklines that create a focal point elsewhere can make all the difference in how you feel on your wedding day.

A sweetheart neckline is a popular choice among brides looking to accentuate their assets while minimizing their stomach area. This feminine neckline creates an elegant shape that draws attention upward towards the décolletage, highlighting one of the most beautiful parts of a woman’s body.

If you prefer more coverage, consider a V-neckline. This style elongates the neck and creates an illusion of length in the torso, diverting attention from the stomach. Pair it with lace appliqué or delicate sleeves to add a touch of romance and sophistication to your wedding gown.

Halter necklines are another fantastic option for plus-size brides who want to hide their stomachs. This style draws attention to the shoulders and upper back, creating an alluring look that takes focus away from the midsection. Combined with lace sleeves, it can create a stunning ensemble that flatters your figure.

Achieving Confidence with the Perfect Dress

Now that you have learned all about choosing a flattering wedding dress and various techniques to hide your stomach, it’s time to find the perfect dress that will make you feel confident on your big day.

Remember, the key is to embrace your body shape and focus on highlighting your best features. Look for empire or A-line dresses that cinch at the waist and flow gracefully over your midsection. Consider adding a bridal belt to accentuate your curves and draw attention away from your stomach area. Don’t forget to invest in shapewear and proper underwear for a smooth silhouette.

Choose fabrics and designs that camouflage the stomach area, such as ruching or lace overlays. And finally, use distraction techniques like accessories and necklines to divert attention from your midsection. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find a wedding dress that not only flatters your figure but also boosts your confidence as you walk down the aisle.


What are some other dress styles suitable for plus-size brides?

There are several other dress styles worth considering. Ball gown dresses can create a dramatic look while providing ample coverage for the stomach area. Mermaid or trumpet dresses can highlight curves while still offering support around the waistline. Sheath or column dresses can provide an elegant and sleek silhouette.

How do I choose the right neckline for my plus-size wedding dress?

Choosing the right neckline is crucial. V-necklines or sweetheart necklines can elongate the neck and draw attention towards the face rather than the stomach area. Off-the-shoulder or illusion necklines can add an element of romance while taking focus away from the midsection.

Can I wear a fitted wedding dress if I have a larger stomach?

Absolutely! If you feel confident in wearing a fitted wedding dress, go for it. Look for dresses with strategic ruching or draping that can help camouflage the stomach area. Pair it with shapewear to create a smooth silhouette and enhance your curves.

Are there any specific fabrics I should avoid?

When choosing a plus-size wedding dress, it’s best to avoid clingy fabrics like satin or silk charmeuse as they can highlight every curve. Instead, opt for thicker materials like taffeta or lace overlays that provide structure and help conceal any problem areas.

How do I accessorize my plus-size wedding dress?

Accessories can play a significant role in diverting attention from your stomach area. Consider wearing statement jewelry or a beautiful hairpiece to draw focus towards your face. Choose accessories that complement the style of your dress and add an extra touch of glamour to your overall look.

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